Immersive co-living experience in a peer-led collaborative environment.
Станция Смена в Черногории - коливинг, коворкинг и сообщество для семей путешественников.

✓ Сильное окружение, с которым тебе по пути
✓ Качественные местные продукты и Адриатическое море
✓ Инструменты развития и воркшопы от каждого и для каждого:
целеполагание, семейные вечера, самопрезентации, детские творческие проекты, зарядка, мужские и женские круги, игры.
You are the average of the people you spend the most time with. We personally interview each member of our community and can vouch for each other. Each one of us:
Knows why he (or she)
gets up in the morning
Working remotely or
running own business
Sees value in community and
responsible traveling
Generously and consciously
shares skills and knowledge
Ten Principles applied to everyday life
Burning Man was one of those things that inspired us to create Smena Station and we decided to celebrate it by suggesting the members to try living our lives at the stations according to them.
Apply to join our first ever Station in California
and become a part of our growing community
We will send the details and interview invitation via email
Smena Station in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malta, Russia and Montenegro has already united more than 300 digital nomads into a strong community.

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